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Carnelian Courage Bracelet

Jada Jo

Behind the Jewelry

Carnelian Courage begins with a rust colored carnelian that is hand carved with asian accents.  The bracelet is adorned with vibrant gemstones of jade, lapis, bloodstone, rhodochrosite, amazonite, and a variety of tiger eye. With his recognized style, Steve Tilly adds vibrant yet subtle color.  The multicolored bracelet resembles our diverse world and inspires love and harmony. The bracelet is adorned with an asian carved carnelian center stone and is finished with an adjustable cord closure.  Handmade in Newport Beach, California. USA


Carnelian is known as a stabilizing stone which evokes courage.  It brings positive life choices and motivates for success.


Lapis, Bloodstone, Rhodochrosite, Amazonite, Yellow and Blue Tiger's Eye, Carved Carnelian, Sterling Silver or rose or yellow Gold filled accents.


Size and metal can be customized.  Bracelet average size for women is 7.0" and for men 7.75" inches. For sizing please go to our Measurement Guide.


Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

14K Gold
Rose Gold
Sterling Silver

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