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Gladiator Leather Necklace

Jada Jo

Story Behind The Jewelry

In recent years, we have seen a noticeable popularity in leather in jewelry, especially among men in their mid-20s to early 50s. While normally leather necklaces adorn the necks of surfers and bikers , a lot of male executives of a certain age are now wearing them with their office suits. There is just something very masculine about leather, it enhances a man's outfit's overall elegance. The pendant is a double sided medallion adorned with a warrior God/Goddess of strength or a ram which represents boldness and new beginnings.

Designed and handmade in Newport Beach, California. USA


Tiger's eye is a grounding stone with strong gold and brown tones. It is most recognized as a protective stone.


29" (inches). Length can be customized.

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Solar Plexus.

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