• Jasper Mala Necklace | Jada Jo
  • Jasper Mala Necklace | Jada Jo
  • Jasper Sterling Silver Mala Necklace

Jasper Mala Necklace or Bracelet

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The jasper mala necklace is a gem to the collection.  Over 3,000 years ago, malas "meditation garland" were created in India.  Aqua Terra Jasper is known as the "Supreme Nurturer" and helps open the mind and tap into creative energies.  Aquamarine is a stone of "Courage and Protection" which helps calm fears and phobias.  The stones are complemented with Balinese Sterling Silver beads.  

Aqua Terra Jasper, Aquamarine, Sterling Silver, Balinese Beaeds

+41" inch - The jewelry may be worn as a necklace or bracelet.  Designed for both men and women, unisex

Heart, Throat, Third Eye