Men's Buddstone Jade Bracelet | Buddstone Jade Bracelet | Glycerine - Jada Jo

Come Down - Buddstone Jade Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry
Released in 1995, 'Come Down' has dichotomous interpretations but leadman/song writer; Gavin Rossdale said it was written about his ex-girlfriend and in 'the context of half regret, half celebration...and dealing with those intense emotions."

Buddstone is an excellent stone to keep around when one wants to bring focus to their life. It is also known as a problem solver in showing effective solutions which is perfect for someone who is.

African Jade - Buddstone Jade (Dark Moss Green Stone) and Sterling Silver

Men's Small - 7", Men's Medium - 7.5", or Men's Large - 8". The size can be customized.



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