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Rainbow Kaleidoscope Eye Necklace

Jada Jo

Behind the Jewelry

The Kaleidoscope Eye necklace is adorned with a pave diamond evil eye pendant set in 14K gold.  The pendant is adorned with rainbow tourmaline.  The symbolic eye allows one to see the magical colors that lie through the peep hole in a kaleidoscope.  The evil eye is known as a protector for one's soul.  The necklace is featured with our Peace & Love and Kaleidoscope Swing necklace which are sold separately.


Egyptian legend says that tourmaline passed through a rainbow gaining its vibrant colors.  Rainbow tourmaline promotes joy and happiness.  It is a powerful stone that balances the yin and yang converting negative energies into positive ones.


Rainbow Tourmaline, 14K gold filled


16 3/4" necklace with an 2" extender enabling an adjustable length.


Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

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