Sparkle of Hope Evil Eye Iolite Bracelet - Jada Jo

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Sparkle of Hope Evil Eye Iolite Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

The combination of iolite gemstone and evil eye is a perfect bracelet for one who is seeking a hope and an inner journey.  The stone is a beautiful violet blue that is accented with rose gold beads.  Through time evil eye's have known to be a protector in one's life journey that wards off bad and evil.  


Iolite is a known as the "violet" stone because of it deep rich purple and blue hues.  It is a stone that supports one through their inner journey unlocking their intuition, communication, and awareness of oneself.


Iolite, Rose Gold, Pave Diamonds


The average women's size is 6.75.  The bracelet is available in 6.75" and 7.5".  If needed to be customized, please contact  Learn more about your size. Click here to view our Measurement Guide.


Third Eye 


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