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Badawiin Tiger's Eye Silver Necklace

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry 

The pendant was purchased in the souks of Fez, Morocco. The symbol is a compass, an important symbol in Berber culture as they are known as nomadic people. The beautiful necklace is adorned with spinel and midnight tiger's Eye.  The necklace is named Badawiin which means nomadic in Arabic.


Spinel is a powerful gemstone which is said to clear out all problems and return to one's original state. Midnight Blue Tiger's Eye is often referred to as the Hawk's or Falcon's Eye. It is known to help one see truth in situations and within. 


Midnight Tiger's Eye, Spinel, Black Garnet, Sterling and Berber Silver


33" necklace. Jewelry can be custom tailored in length and stones.

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Root, Throat

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