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Yellow Ledbetter - Tiger's Eye Buddha Necklace

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

"Yellow Ledbetter" was written by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. The song was created on the spot and was not released on any of Pearl Jam's studio albums, despite being one of their most popular songs.


The necklace is comprised of Yellow Tiger's Eye that has an array of yellow and beige tones. It is often known as a stone of fortune and good luck and is ideal for one starting a new business endeavor. The necklace is accented with 14K Gold and a buddha. Buddhas are a representation of zen and peace of mind.


Yellow Tiger's Eye, Brown Tiger's Eye, Bone, Buddha, 14K Gold


34" necklace. Necklace length, stones, and metals can be customized.

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Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

Yellow Tigers Eye
Brown Tiger's Eye

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