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Several things led to the inception of a jewelry line.  In life sometimes what seems as just a moment can became monumental down the road.  That is how my story evolved that a passion for travel, jewelry, and giving back intersected to create jewelry with a purpose and meaning.

At a very young age my parents started a tradition of traveling to a new country each year.  That tradition gave me the travel bug and a fascination with all cultures.  My mother was a collector of beautiful jewelry during our travels.  To this day, all the jewelry I have is from somewhere around the world.  It is a wonderful way to carry the memory and celebrate a culture.

As we all face the ebbs and flows of life, one of my ebbs led me down the path to learning about the power of crystals.  Gemstone healing powers can be very powerful.  So I decided all of my jewelry would be comprised of healing gemstones as it gives purpose to the jewelry.

To give even more meaning to the jewelry, I wanted each piece sold to have an impact on someone.  A percentage of each jewelry item will be donated to Love 146 which is an organization that is working to end child trafficking and exploitation.

In 2018, I left a 20-year career in the hospitality industry to pursue a passion of providing meaningful jewelry that gives back.  The jewelry celebrating cultures from around the world.  Each piece is inspired by travel and global cultures.  Every piece is handmade in the US and curated with healing gemstones and symbols.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and hope you will become part of the Jada Jo Journey.

Biggest of hugs,
Jada Jo