Gemstone Guide - Jada Jo


Since the beginning of time gemstones have been cherished for their beauty and healing properties. They are loved for their rich and vibrant colors. Enjoy the Gemstone Guide that includes a variety of stones and their wonderful properties. Be sure to click on the stone and see what Jada Jo jewelry uses that gemstone.  

Excellent for balancing intellectual, emotional, and physical energy. It is known to stabilize and bring harmony.

Helps purify the mind and dissolve negative thoughts. It can relieve stress, provide work effectiveness, and provides barrier against unhealthy environments.

A stone of encouragement and support. It not only uplifts but creates calmness.

Known to reduce stress. It can assist in speaking with clarity and integrity and helps calm the mind.

A growth stone that is restorative and liberating. It brings revitalized strength when one is experiencing a challenging period in their life.

For centuries, Jade has been used as a healing stone. White Jade drives better focus and improves the decision making process.

The stone of magic is known as the most powerful protector. It dispels negative energy and awakens intuition. Inspires one to dance to the beat of their own drum.

Cherished for its celestial color and ability to stimulate wisdom and good judgment. It enhances learning, memory, and intellectual abilities.

A protection stone for those who have fear of travel, jet lag, and confront congestion. It is known to protect against negative energies and an “eye stone” that enhances visionary skills.

Since ancient times, this stone has been considered to have a magical connection to the moon. It can bring insight while blocking negative energy that impacts ones hopes and dreams.

Helps dispel fear and raises one resistance and amplifies persistence. Offers protections and security while provide clarity and new beginnings.

Often called “fools gold.” A protective stone that shields one from negative energies. It promotes good physical health and emotional well-being. It brings confidence and persistence to finish what was started.

Known as a builder. It is an excellent stone to have when you want to make something new from something old. Those in a creative line of work find energy from coral.

Known as the the love stone and represents unconditional love. It provides emotional awareness and healing.



Considered a soothing stone because of it calming energy. It helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. This stone is for rejuvenation and energy renewal.

One of the ultimate power crystals which brings out passion and creativity. If one is stuck creatively or spiritually, tiger’s eye will be your guide.

A stone of well being and is among the most powerful of any of the gemstones. It contains properties for spiritual and physical protection and can ward of negative energies.

Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade as with all other jade is a strong healing stone. Yellow jade is a energetic and cheerful stone.




Known as the “Hope Stone”, which teaches us truth, love, and accept our inner self.


An awareness stone that helps bring acceptance and compassion. It represents both brotherhood and peace.

An inspirational stone which increases the humanitarian spirit. It promotes extroversion and openness.

Known as the “Stone of Courage.” It is a stone that soothes one’s mind and is known to reduce stress and bring calmness.

A prosperity stone which supports decisiveness and perseverance. It is known as a stone that brings well-being and protects against environmental pollution.

A healing and protection stone that is known for being a blood cleanser. It brings calmness while heightening intuition and spirituality.

Known as a “first aid stone”, Rhodonite provides supportive energy in times of physical and emotional need. It is also known as an emotional balancer.

A protective warrior stone that assist in mediation. The crystal brings self-confidence and stimulates courage to drive follow-through.

A nurturing stone that brings mind, body, and spirit into harmony. It is a stone that enhances one’s physical energy and is known as a powerful cleanser.


A cleansing stone that is warming and invokes creativity. It is a stone that does not require cleansing.

A stone that is known to re-energize and brings balance to the wearer. It inspires love and devotion.

A calming stone which opens the mind to receive insights and wisdom. It is recommended to put it under your pillow to assist with insomnia.

A vision stone that stimulates intuition. It helps the wearer connect to one’s inner self.It helps overcome expectations and express their true inner self.

An “energy stone”, the ruby is known to reenergize and encourages passion for life. It also is known to bring inspiration for one to follow their bliss.

A spiritual stone that radiates peace and love. It helps remove self -imposed constraints and opening clear thoughts and creativity.

Moss Agate

A stone connected to nature that opens one open to seeing the beauty in all things. It is a stone that attracts abundance and is a great anti-inflammatory.


A “karmic stone” which provides lessons that what is said and done will come back. The stone stimulates creativity, spontaneity, and originality.


Known as the “tempest stone” which helps aid in one’s spiritual journey. The stone stimulates the pineal gland and connects one to their inner guidance and truth.


The stone of unconditional love and supports the wearer to live in a heart based way. It is also a stone that enhances one’s memories and dreams.


The most powerful healing stone. It is a stone that stores, regulates, releases, and unblocks energy. It amplifies and opens one’s energy.

A stone known as “The Bones of Mother Earth.” It can bring strength and improve luck.

A calming stone with protective qualities. It creates a safe space that does not allow outside negative influences. Is it commonly placed at the entrance where one lives.

A grounding and protective stone. It is excellent for those with stress. It helps teach the wearer to leave behind what no longer serves them.

The stone that enhances spiritual perception.





A stone known as “joie de vivre.” It clears all chakras and it brings joy and happily allow the real self to shine through.

A grounding stone that cleanses and brings balance. It is also a protection stone that diminishes fear and grounds oneself enhancing self-confidence.

A stone for “new beginnings”.It subsides negativity, calms the mind, enhance mental agility, and helps in grounding one’s self.


A stone that stimulates taking bold action, Carnelian is an excellent guide and gives courage to facing one’s fears.



Known as the “wisdom stone”, it helps release tension and calms the mind. Sapphire restores balance within the body, bringing peace of mind.


A grounding stone that protects one’s soul. It dissolves negativity and helps bring harmony and peace to one’s body.

A universal stone of unconditional love, Morganite is known to attract and maintain love and bring a sense of deep peace.

A protection stone, it is known to bring gentle healing and relieve stress. It helps emotions become more harmonious and balanced.


A stone that is recognized for no boundaries as its inception is from lava. It is perilous in working quickly in exposing flaws and weaknesses. The truth enhancing stone comes with great power.

Also named Red Tiger’s Eye, this stone is known for strength and courage. It is ideal for one who is gathering their defenses to overcome adversity.

Also known as Yellow Moonstone, the stone of “new beginnings.” Of the moonstone family, this one is known to provide emotional relief and soothe one’s worries.

Known to support the heart and relationships, Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion.