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Genesis Bloodstone Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

Genesis is formation of something.  The genesis bracelet was designed for my father when he first expressed interest in wearing his first piece of Jada Jo jewelry.  The bracelet is a tribute to my father as it is a combination  as he supported the genesis of Jada Jo.  The bracelet is a rich design including illustrious Red "Oxtail" Tiger's Eye and Black Onyx.  Oxtail enhances confidence and self esteem.  My father encouraged me to follow my dreams which gave me the courage to turn my dreams into goals with deadlines.

Designed and made in Newport Beach, CA.


Red Tiger's Eye is known as Oxtail.  The illustrious stone is a talisman worn in battle to bring strength and protection.  Black Onyx is also a protection stone that brings grounding and self confidence.  It is known to shield against negative energy.


10MM Faceted Red "Oxtail" Tiger's Eye, 8MM Black Onyx, 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Accents


Average men's size 7.75" (inch) and average women's size is 7.0" (inch).  For customization, please contact

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