Moon Link Earrings | Jada Jo

Moon Link Earrings

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

The moon link earrings are comprised of 14K ornate gold chain accented with a moonstone with rose iridescent hues.  The circular nature of a chain can symbolize the idea of eternity and endless cycles. It can represent the continuity of life and love.

The 14K gold filled ornate chain is made up of interconnected links, symbolizing the idea of connection and unity. 


Moonstone is a captivating gemstone known for its warm and fiery appearance, which resembles the sun's rays.  Peach moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. Its warm feminine energy helps with healing from past emotional traumas.


14K Gold Filled Chain, Peach Moonstone


2" (inch)


Third Eye, Sacral

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