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Brown Moonstone OM Rose Gold Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

Brown Moonstone is a captivating variety of moonstone with warm, brownish hues. Bracelets made from brown moonstone can be a unique and beautiful addition to any wrist party.  The bracelet is a combination polished 14K Gold and Rose Gold elements.  Wearing brown moonstone bracelets can serve as a reminder to stay centered and balanced amidst the business of life.

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Made and designed in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Moonstone in general is believed to promote emotional healing and intuition. Brown moonstone's unique color adds an element of nurturing and soothing energy, helping you connect with your emotions and work through them.


Brown Moonstone Faceted - 10mm, 14K Gold and Rose Gold Accents


Sizes are customizable.  Average women's size 7.0".  Average men's size 7.75" .




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