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OM Brown Moonstone Necklace

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

The iridescent chocolate moonstone featured in this necklace is accented with a 14K Gold Diamond Clasp and OM pendant. The illustrious brown moonstone is a smooth, rondelle cut and wire wrapped with 14K Gold accents.

The large OM (or Aum) pendant is comprised of diamonds set in 14K Gold. OM is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol representing the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness, and the universe's creation, preservation, and transformation.

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Made in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Moonstone is associated with mystical and spiritual properties, often believed to bring calmness, emotional balance, and intuition. Brown Moonstone, specifically, is thought to have additional grounding and nurturing qualities due to its earthy color. It is often associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, promoting emotional healing and creativity.


Brown Moonstone Rondelle, 14K Gold Diamond OM pendant, Diamond bail, 14K Gold Accents


18" Necklace and Pendant


Solar Plexus, Sacral

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