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Earth Sapphire Necklace

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

The spectrum of sapphire colors can represent the colorful aspects of life.  Natural sapphires wire wrapped in a long necklace, or double wrapped. The natural sapphire stone brings in hues of rose, green earth, and rip van periwinkle.

If you're drawn to a multi-colored natural sapphire necklace, it could hold personal significance for you based on the colors that resonate most with you or the qualities you wish to embrace. It's a versatile and meaningful accessory that can be both visually striking and symbolically powerful.

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Made and designed in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Different sapphire colors are associated with various emotional and spiritual qualities. For example, blue sapphires are often linked to calmness and communication, pink sapphires to love and compassion, and green sapphires to growth and abundance. Wearing a necklace with a variety of sapphire colors might symbolize your pursuit of emotional balance and well-being.


Multi Colored Sapphire - Pink, Blue, Green


34 1/4" - can be worn long or double wrapped


Heart, Throat, Third Eye 

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