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Making Jewelry that Means Something to the Wearer

Making Jewelry that Means Something to the Wearer

July 10, 2019

Since launching my jewelry line, I have learned more than I would have ever hoped or anticipated. When I started crafting jewelry, I let my own inspiration lead me to my designs. However, I've discovered working personally with people to create meaningful pieces offers another facet to Jada Jo Jewelry, a way for me to help people bring something unique and personal to life.

Use gemstones to meet your current needs

I always emphasize that belief in the power of gemstones works differently for each person. If you're going to wear jewelry no matter what, I encourage people to seek out stones with healing properties. Even if they don't believe in the stone's benefits, you might change your mind after wearing them!

One of my favorite new clients asks me to design pieces based on her life needs. The first designs were bracelets combining agate and hematite. Agate works as a stabilizer, bringing support and grounding to the wearer. Hematite also grounds the wearer, providing focus and balance. The stones work together in a synergistic way, and they were the perfect gems for what my client sought. After the creation of those bracelets, she asked for a piece including stones for all chakras. 

Focus on the meaning of numbers

I often string jewelry beads and stones with specific numbers. Numerology looks at the power and meaning of numbers and the way specific numbers bring energy into our lives. My personal lucky numbers are 3 and 7, and I incorporate them into jewelry in various ways. Even something as simple as wearing three bracelets instead of four brings a sense of calm and positivity to my day. Look at the meaning of numbers.

In the spiritual space, people focus on the numeric combination 1111. Even young children will smile when they see 11:11 on the clock and remind each other to "make a wish!" That numeric sequence isn't only a happy coincidence for children. It signifies new beginnings and open doorways, which is why it's beneficial to "wish" when you see the combination. A wish generally includes positive thoughts, goals, or dreams, and the renewing energy surrounding 1111 can help manifest those thoughts into reality. 

Allow yourself to be open to the creative process

Above all, I believe talking with my clients can help both of us determine what pieces of jewelry will have meaning for them in different ways. Clients might want to include certain gems because they're drawn to a color or want to remember a loved one by wearing that person's favorite color or gemstone. That sort of piece can be a powerful talisman, too. Please reach out to me, as I would love to work with you to design a meaningful, unique piece of jewelry. 

Do you wear a piece of jewelry with a meaningful message? 

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