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Story Behind the Jewelry

The bloodstone bracelet is representative of the loss of wildlife among the vast lands of Africa.  A single leaf is known to be a symbol of life.  The bracelet is adorned with Balinese sterling silver accents.  25% of the sale goes to Ol Pejeta who is renowned for their wildlife conservation in Kenya.  Among a variety of wildlife they are the sanctuary for over 140 endangered black rhinos.

Jada Jo and Steve Adam are bringing coastal support and awareness of Ol Pejeta conservation efforts and the grave circumstances of African animals in Kenya and beyond.  We thank you for your support to leave this world a better for those who follow.


Bloodstone is recognized more for its healing vs metaphysical properties.  The stone helps supports blood flow and circulation and is known to clean and purify the aura and bring balance.


Bloodstone, Pave Leaf, Sterling Silver


The average men's bracelet size is 7.5" and average women's bracelet size is 6.75."


Root, Heart

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