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Eye Fall for You Necklace

Jada Jo

Behind the Jewelry

Petro Tourmaline is a unique combination of yellow, green, and black stones.  A perfect addition to a fall/winter outfit.  The faceted tourmaline stones are adorned with diamond evil eye pendant.  The mossy green hues are tied to the heart chakra.  The evil eye is a known as a protector.  

Designed and Handmade in Newport Beach, CA


Petro Tourmaline is comprised of green, yellow, and black hues.  The green opens the heart chakra and attracts success and abundance.  The yellow stone aligns the solar plexus chakra boosting power and spiritual growth.  The black stones are grounding stones stabilizing your root chakra.


Petro Tourmaline, Pave Diamond Evil Eye, Sterling Silver 




Root, Solar Plexus, Heart

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