Golden Strength Quartz Gold Bracelet | Jada Jo

Golden Quartz Stackable Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story behind the jewelry

Subtle and obvious flecks of gold pepper the clear quart creating bands of golden hues throughout the simple bracelet.  The bracelet is accented with 14K Gold accents.  Gold is a universal color that has created allure throughout time and a prominent element in jewelry trends today.  The bracelet signifies prosperity.

Designed and made in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Golden quartz is a unique golden off-white color. The stone is said to open one's consciousness to receive guidance. 


Golden Quartz, 14K Gold


Size can be customized. Bracelet average size for women is 7.0" and for men 7.75" inches. For sizing please go to our Measurement Guide.


Solar Plexus


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