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Lighting Bolt Diamond Earrings

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

Diamond Lightning Bolt Earrings are set in oxidized sterling silver.  A pair of earrings featuring lightning bolt designs adorned with diamonds. The lightning bolt is a symbol of power, energy, and strength. It represents a force of nature that is both awe-inspiring and impactful. Diamonds, as the hardest known natural material, can further emphasize the idea of strength and resilience.

Whether you're drawn to the symbolism, the aesthetic appeal, or both, "Diamond Lightning Bolt Earrings" can be a powerful and meaningful accessory that reflects your personal attributes, aspirations, and style.

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Designed and made in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Lightning bolts are symbolic of sudden and dramatic changes. They can represent moments of transformation and the potential for positive change to occur quickly and unexpectedly.


Diamonds, Oxidized Sterling Silver


1" length

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