Amor de Madre | Mother's Day 14K Gold Necklace | 14k Gold Necklace - Jada Jo

Amor de Madre

Jada Jo


A custom-made necklace you special mother on this mother's day. The detailed gold link circles are textured throughout the necklace joined by red garnet gemstones and gold links on the side. The pendant is a real gold leaf that has been dipped in copper and then 14K gold.

Giving Back

The beauty of motherhood and their love is magical. We want to celebrate the children who have been blessed to be raised by their mother's or have been raised by motherly love.With your purchase of Amor de Madre (Mother's Love), $100 will be donated to Love 146 which is a powerful non-profit that helps recover, rehabilitate, and love children who have been put into sex trafficking.The $100 will provide 1-2 months of living expenses and give a child a semester of schooling and supplies.


14K gold filled chain, 14K gold dipped leaf, Red garnet gemstones, and 14K gold accents


With pendant 34" length.Chain length 26" length Jewelry can be custom tailored in length and stones.


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