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New Beginnings Green Fluorite Earrings

Jada Jo

The Story Behind the Jewelry

"New Beginnings Green Fluorite Earrings" are earrings with green fluorite gemstones and associated with the symbolism of new beginnings. Green fluorite is a beautiful variety of the fluorite mineral, and it's often linked to healing and growth. The dangle earrings are made with 14K gold Egyptian chain.  Wearing green fluorite earrings might symbolize a fresh start and emotional healing.

Designed and made in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Green is commonly associated with nature, growth, and renewal. Green fluorite's color could symbolize the potential for new beginnings, personal growth, and positive change.  Fluorite is believed by some to have healing properties that aid in clearing negative energies and promoting emotional well-being. 


Green Fluorite, 14K Gold Egyptian Chain


2" length




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