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One World Tigers Eye Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

The One World bracelet is encompassed in brown Tiger's Eye and Sterling Silver accents.  The bracelet's name is deep rooted in meaning with being coming "One World" interconnected and interdependence on our fellow man and the earth.  Tiger's Eye is a favorite for men and women.  The unique cut of tiger's eye makes it one of the top seller's in the Jada Jo collection.  It is a perfect compliment to any watch or jewelry box.

Designed and made in Newport Beach, CA, USA.


Tiger's eye is a grounding stone with strong gold and brown tones. It is most recognized as a protective stone.  It emphasizes protecting human life and the earth.


Tiger's Eye, Sterling Silver


Size can be customized. Bracelet average size for women is 7.0" and for men 7.75" inches. For sizing please go to our Measurement Guide.


Solar Plexus


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