Silver Pyrite Creep Skull Bracelet - Jada Jo

Silver Pyrite Creep Skull Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

The masculine bracelet is comprised of pyrite and black agate.  The pyrite is creative carved into skulls.  "Creep" is an infamous Radiohead song. The song has various interpretations, but Jonny Greenwood said the song was actually a happy song about "recognizing who you are." 


The bracelet is comprised of black agate and pyrite. Pyrite is a fiery stone that manifests male energy. It gives one strength and determination needed to face life's challenges.  Black agate brings strength.


Agate, Pyrite


Men's Small - 7", Men's Medium - 7.5", or Men's Large - 8". The size can be customized.

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