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Turquoise Tigers Eye Tattoo Bracelet(s)

Jada Jo

Story behind the Jewelry

The bracelets were custom designed for the symbolism of the model's tattoos. In translation, the tattoos mean "I am who I am," "I am what I am," and "I will be what I will be be." The saying has been translated and expanded across countries and religions for centuries.

Purchase includes 2 bracelets.


Tiger's Eye is a protective stone against ill wishing and negativity. It is also known to help one achieve goals by bringing clarity to intentions.

Purchase includes 2 bracelets.


Turquoise Dyed Tiger's Eye, Red Coral, Rose Gold or Sterling Silver


Men's Small - 7", Men's Medium 7.5", Men's Large - 8" bracelets

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Root, Throat

Size Guide
Rose Gold
Sterling Silver

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