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Release Yellow Turquoise Bracelet

Jada Jo

Story Behind the Jewelry

"Release" is the last song on Pearl Jam's Ten album. (Fan tip: Listen past the song for an additional riff.) The cathartic song was a written with the inspiration of finding common ground for the newly formed band. Vedder said, "We were strangers, but coming from a similar place."

Designed and handmade in Newport Beach, California. USA


Yellow Turquoise gemstone has hues of yellow with subtle green and brown. It is a stone that encourages intuition, communication, and wisdom. It is a stone that brings both protective and positive energy.

The stone earned its name of Turquoise only because is looks similar but actually is a Jasper or Serpentine stone with infusion of Hematite.


Yellow Turquoise, 14K Gold or Sterling Silver


Size and metal can be customized. Bracelet average size for women is 7.0" and for men 7.75" inches. For sizing please go to our Measurement Guide.


Solar Plexus


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