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A Holiday Gift Guide for People You Love to Pamper

A Holiday Gift Guide for People You Love to Pamper

November 21, 2019

With a later-than-usual Thanksgiving on the calendar, holiday magic feels like it's all weaving together on my to-do list. I'm planning menus and RSVPing to invitations, and making plans to help Jada Jo Jewelry thrive in the new year. Yet each day, another task takes over some of my productivity time — gift giving. I'm making lists and checking them off slowly but surely. 

holiday gift guides

How to choose a piece of jewelry for a gift

Even as a designer, I don't always immediately know what to gift some of the people on my lists. I put together a holiday guide this year, but I'm also sharing some of my favorite tips about buying jewelry for your friends and family.

Some common questions I answer for gift givers include: 

  • Should I choose dyed or natural gemstones? I prefer natural, because of the unique variations in color you find in natural stones. They add to the uniqueness of each piece, even if the design itself remains simple.
  • What is the difference between filled metals and plated metals? A piece of jewelry crafted with filled metal means the makeup of the metal is the same throughout the piece. One important difference is that plated pieces can fade over time, losing their luster and color. For example, 18K gold filled jewelry contains all 18K gold, while 18K gold plated jewelry uses a thin layer of 18K gold on top of another metal, usually nickel or stainless steel. (That takes us to the next question!)
  • Does this piece contain nickel? There's nothing wrong with using nickel in jewelry! Unfortunately, many people have a nickel allergy or have an uncomfortable reaction to the material, like itchiness or hives. When buying for a gift, it's best to steer clear of pieces made from nickel, unless you know for absolute certainty that your friend can wear it comfortably. 

Questions I ask gift givers when they're selecting jewelry include:

  • When is their birthday? Pieces crafted from their birthstone or ones that correspond to their zodiac signs often work well when giving gifts. I don't limit birthstones to actual birthday gifts, either! I think they're appropriate and thoughtful all throughout the year. 
  • Are they in need of celebration or comfort? Using specific gemstones to balance energy can be so helpful when purchasing jewelry. Even if your friend or family member doesn't explicitly express interest in using gemstones in that way, sometimes the simple knowledge that the piece was chosen with love brings comfort and strength to them. 
  • Are you trying to invoke specific memories? Especially since I've started my men's line, I've had many community members respond positively to the stories about my inspiration for various pieces. Sharing those stories can connect my thoughts to the piece itself. If you have family members or friends that love music, consider browsing my men's collection to see if any of my musical memories match yours. 

The Jada Jo Jewelry Holiday Guide

I wasn't certain I would put together a holiday gift guide. As you can tell, I believe selecting jewelry for others is a personal journey. Still, I believe certain pieces I've crafted would be perfect for certain relationships in your life. I want to share those! 

Our top picks for moms

A mother's love flows eternally, and I honored that with a necklace made especially for mothers. I also chose a necklace crafted with opals, stones known for their pure beauty and the way they exude optimism. 

Amor de Madre Necklace

Opal Pagoda Necklace

Our top picks for dads

Dads often signify strength and protection in our lives. I chose pieces that offer protection (Tiger's Eye) and strength (onyx). 

Protector - The Tiger's Eye Bracelet 

gifts for dads

How - Onyx Buddha Necklace (inspiration drawn from "How" by The Cranberries)

Our top picks for friends

Nothing feeds my soul more than sincere, affirming friendship. I love gifting friends with either unique pieces, like the Cambodian cuff, or pieces I can add onto year after year, like stackable bracelets. 

unique gifts for friends

Ankor Wat One-of-a-Kind Sterling Silver Cuff

gifts for girlfriends

Golden Quartz Stackable Bracelet

Custom pieces from Jada Jo Jewelry

I'm always happy to chat with you about designing a custom piece for someone you love. Whether you'd like to incorporate specific gemstones or numbers signifying a birthday, anniversary, or other significant date, I can work with you to make your dream gift come to life. Always reach out and contact me if you have questions about custom jewelry.

How do you choose gifts for the people you love the most?

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