Jada Jo: A Five-Year Journey
Jada Jo, owner of Jada Jo Jewelry

Jada Jo: A Five-Year Journey

October 10, 2023

It has been five years since the launch of Jada Jo Jewelry and what an incredible journey it has been! Owning and operating my own jewelry company has taught me many things, but most importantly, it has brought a vast expansion to my understanding of jewelry and the holistic world. Because I mainly create and design jewelry using healing gemstones, at its core, it is business of mining. Precious rocks and metals are mined, carved, bent, and transformed into beautiful designs.

An Unequivocal Calling

My business mentor asked me a year into having the business if was this something I had always aspired to and my answer was, “No, it was an idea that quickly transpired into an unequivocal calling.”

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family which gave me a risk adverse spirit. In 2018, I had a deep desire to infiltrate my business career with my creative passion. For years I had made bracelets on the side for friends with beads and stones I bought from local arts and crafts stores. Coupled with my love of jewelry, travel has also always been one of my enthusiastic interests and so Jada Jo was launched.   

The Name and Logo

I’m often asked the meaning behind the logo. The symbol for Pi is “JJ” but for insiders, I say the two “J’s” represent: Joy, Joy.  After all, isn’t that what we all want? Joy in our life. The period is to remind the myself and wearers to be present, a period is a point in time.  

The inclusion of the feather is a beautiful story. I was trying to decide which meaningful symbol I wanted to incorporate in the logo, and a feather was high on my list. I woke up one morning and discovered a large black feather on my doorstep and so with that, it became a symbol for the brand and for life. You will find me picking up feathers on the ground like one does with a lucky penny. Over the years I have had several hummingbirds and doves fly into our studio. It always feels symbolic as they are honoring the brand and continuing to infuse expansion and freedom. 

In the Beginning

When I launched Jada Jo, I was only going to sell women’s bracelets, but quickly expanded to a full line of women’s and men’s jewelry. From jewelry classes in Laguna Beach to metalsmithing in New Mexico, I soon learned the complexities of the business. This is an industry with low barriers to entry and high barriers to success. The brand launched linking global amulets, healing gemstones, metals, and other materials incorporating North African and Southeastern Asia into the brand. We had a year a half under our belt when the pandemic hit. As with all companies we had to learn to adapt, and we are grateful for our customer support that helped us navigate a new world and ways to conduct business.

I never anticipated I would know so much about stones. I used to look at them for their beauty and today I understand their vast energy and metaphysical properties. This expansion has brought understanding of healing, recovery, building boundaries, and finding my authentic self, which is deeply infused in the brand. 

What’s Next?

Buckle up as it is going to be an incredible ride as artistic mediums expand and I continue to bring the world back to the brand through near and far travel. In addition to all the creative and travel endeavors, what will remain true is: we will always give back to world. Our goal is to bring light to darkness and continue supporting people and cultures that make this world a beautiful place. 

In Gratitude

I profoundly, from the bottom of my heart, thank everyone who has helped support Jada Jo over the years. My colleagues, brand partners, and family have been imperative in reaching this milestone. In large and small ways, though purchasing and wearing a piece of my jewelry, or by allowing me to bounce ideas and share new concepts and ways to build my brand; these conversations have helped tremendously, and each customer; whether a first-time purchaser, or a repeat collector, is so special and meaningful to me. No one can stand alone, and the heartfelt encouragement has brought me to this exciting point.

Biggest of hugs and love to each of you.

- Jada

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