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Exploring Birthstones: Bloodstone

Exploring Birthstones: Bloodstone

March 24, 2021

Birthstone lists often list only one stone, which can be deceiving. Over the years, some stones have changed completely. Other months have both a traditional and modern stone. You might think of aquamarine when you think of the March birthstone, but I wanted to introduce the Jada Jo community to this month's older, more traditional option: bloodstone.  

bloodstone March birthstone traditional

Recognizing bloodstone

When you hear "bloodstone," you may immediately envision a red gem, but bloodstone is primarily green. The chalcedony stone, a type of quartz, varies in its shades of green from pale to deep shades. The red aspect of bloodstone comes in veins or spots of red jasper. Solid and substantial, bloodstone looks — and acts — like a stone of strength, resilience, and consistency.

Healing properties of bloodstone

As you might expect, bloodstone physically helps with blood issues. It helps cleanse toxins from your blood. Perhaps more importantly for the women in the Jada Jo community, it can help regulate menstrual concerns. It can even help during childbirth, as it brings strength and vitality while providing grounding through the root chakra.

Spiritual properties of bloodstone

Associated with the grounding root chakra, bloodstone is a fierce protector. Warriors are said to have carried it into battle in order to fight valiantly. It amplifies vitality and strengthens both courage and resolve, allowing its wearing to feel confident in their decision making and choices. Its secondary chakra is the heart. Compassion and trust are part of the heart chakra, and the combination of compassion and strength makes bloodstone a powerful talisman for regaining a sense of self after negative experiences.

Jewelry to cleanse and purify

Though bloodstone's aesthetic color is deeper than what you might expect for a spring month, it makes sense to me to recognize bloodstone in the spring. A time of renewal and purification, bloodstone perfectly represents the chance to begin anew. Eddie Vedder's words about his iconic song inspired the Alive Bracelet. He believed his audience lifted the curse from Alive, the first song he ever recorded, turning it into an anthem for his fans. When I heard the story, I knew the piece needed to be crafted from bloodstone, representing a personal shedding of a curse for me. 

A modern alternative

If you're interested in aquamarine, the modern birthstone for March, you'll find it in a few Jada Jo Jewelry pieces. Aquamarine is a calming stone. It inspires truth and letting go of that which does not serve you. The Shield Aquamarine Bracelet uses Nepalese beads as well as the soothing, polished aquamarine stones. The Jasper Mala Necklace combines aquamarine stones with Aqua Terra Jasper, a stone that nurtures creative energies. 

Whether you prefer traditional or modern stones for March, both bloodstone and aquamarine can play a healing role. Working with both stones brings me joy! Contact us if you'd like a custom piece done — for you or for a friend with a March birthday!

Do you lean towards the traditional or the modern birthstones?

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