Exploring Birthstones: Diamond - Jada Jo
Exploring Birthstones: Diamond

Exploring Birthstones: Diamond

April 21, 2021

Even people unfamiliar with gemstones know at least a little something about April's birthstone — the diamond! Whether it conjures thoughts of engagement rings or Marilyn Monroe singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," diamonds are a stone most people recognize and appreciate. 

diamond birthstones

A stone of unity

Diamonds are associated with the crown chakra, in part because of how well they unite the body and the mind. It makes sense that they make an appearance in engagement and wedding rings, another symbol of unity. With the clarity and purity in polished diamonds, they are a great reflector, combining the colors of all the other gemstones in an unmatched way. That purity helps bring various facets of the wearer's life into a cohesive whole.

The spiritual properties of diamonds

An amplifying stone, diamonds help enhance the powers of other gemstones, as well as bring their wearers strength and enhanced intuition. Diamonds are wonderful stones for enhancing creativity and opening one's mind and heart to new possibilities. Named from the Greek word for invincible, the hardness of diamonds signifies their strength, both physically — they can only be cut by other diamonds — and spiritually.


Diamond jewelry from Jada Jo

I enjoy working with pavé diamonds and have incorporated them into several Jada Jo pieces. From the word "paved," pavé diamonds refer to the way the small stones are set into metal, literally "paving" the jewelry with diamonds. With the amplifying power of diamonds incorporated into other gemstone pieces, the gemstones deepen their spiritual and healing properties.

The Starlet Bracelet inspires loyalty, making it a lovely gift for a close friend with an April birthday. The deep blue kyanite stones enhance loyalty and the dreams of the wearer. 

If you're looking for diamond jewelry you can wear with anything in your wardrobe, consider the Point in Time Earrings. Designed as a companion piece to one of our best sellers, the Point in Time Necklace, the earrings can be created with gold or sterling silver. Silver stimulates all chakras, while gold works to stimulate the heart chakra and enhances the diamonds' power. 

The Opal Magic Necklace is a stunning piece. Sometimes called the Magic Stone, opals strengthen one's will and encourage positive thinking and behavior. Coupled with the diamonds' properties of fortitude and creativity, opals ensure the necklace is a powerful force for creative goals. 

Have you incorporated pavé diamonds into your jewelry collection?

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