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A Spooky Spotlight: The symbolism of skulls

A Spooky Spotlight: The symbolism of skulls

October 24, 2019

Halloween grows closer every day, and I see more decorations daily. Spooky skeletons are one of the things I notice most frequently, whether arranged on lawns or propped in store windows. Skeletons invoke a feeling of dread in some people, but I love seeing them around town. Like Buddhas, skulls appear in several of my designs, and I appreciate wearing them for the symbolism they represent.

symbolism of skulls

Most common symbolism of skulls

It’s no surprise that skulls most commonly represent death, dying, and mortality. A powerful reminder that we are all the same once you strip away clothes and skin, a skull is a stark reminder of the end of life.

Personally, I don’t find the concept and symbolism of mortality frightening, though I know many do! I like to use the darker side of a skull’s symbolism to reflect on the life I’m currently living to make sure that when death comes, I’ve made choices along the way that honor and celebrate the time I’ve been given on Earth. 

Positive symbolic meanings of skulls

If you’re unsure about finding the bright side in the thought of mortality, you’ll be pleased to discover skulls have positive connotations as well. They represent wisdom and protection, signifying the knowledge gained from living a long life. Artistically, they also represent change and transformation, allowing one to see the smooth canvas of a skull as a blank slate on which to create something new. 

sugar skulls

Using skulls to honor the dead

One of the most beautiful and intricate displays of skull symbolism comes during Dia de los Muertos, when the Mexican culture honors the dead. Sugar skulls are decorated with countless colors and embellishments, truly creating something beautiful out of an object is generally looked upon with fear.

Feathers, beads, and bright colors turn the white skulls into something to be celebrated. During Dia de los Muertos, the decorated skulls line gravestones in honor of lost loved ones. The skulls were once crafted out of sugar, but most of them are no longer made that way, though the name remains. 

Skulls in Jada Jo Jewelry

Currently, four of my designs feature skulls. The skull charms invoke the concept of protection, enhanced by the gemstones used in the jewelry. 

The Pure Fire necklace powerfully protects with pyrite and agate. The skull charm enhances those properties of protection.

The Protective Love necklace also uses the symbolism of the skull to offer protection to its wearer. The pyrite acts as a shield for negative energies, and the rose quartz enhances the positive energy of love and emotional awareness. 

The Golden Quartz stackable bracelets use the properties of golden quartz to open one’s consciousness. I wanted to use the skull charm on these bracelets to amplify that increased consciousness and bring wisdom and understanding to the wearer.

The skulls in the Creep bracelet are subtly strung along with the black tourmaline beads. Though you might not notice them at first glance, the pyrite offers the wearer strength and determination. 

Do you look deeper into the symbolism of objects when wearing charms or gemstones?

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