Celebrating the Grammys with Jada Jo Jewelry
Celebrating the Grammys with Jada Jo Jewelry

Celebrating the Grammys with Jada Jo Jewelry

March 04, 2021

The past year seemed to throw all sorts of obstacles in our paths, from small ones, like missed concerts to unimaginable ones.  During a time of upheaval and uncertainty, we try to celebrate wins where and when we can. A celebration of music certainly deserves our attention, especially considering the ways music has influenced the Jada Jo Jewelry Men's Collection. 

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A different kind of Grammy Awards

Originally scheduled for January 31, 2021, the Grammys were pushed out to March 14 amidst a particularly tricky period of covid infections in Los Angeles. Now, with the awards show on the horizon, we're learning about how the Grammys will look compared to past shows. Though the show had to be reimagined from its usual format, the Jada Jo team is all so excited about the ceremony — and the show.

Normally, the Grammy Awards take place in the Staples Center. Even in January, plans called for the show to be audience-free. Now, the show will likely take place in a combination of locations, including outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center, a location that allows viewers to see the Staples Center in the background. It seems like nominees and winners will tune in virtually, and many of the performances may be pre-recorded. We also heard it's possible artists might perform in a variety of independent venues, a positive boost for an industry hit hard by pandemic restrictions (Radio.com).

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Music always rocks on

The whole concept for the Men's Collection was born from Jada's deep appreciation for and love of the grunge music scene. The raw sound of the Seattle music scene exploded in the 1990s, and Jada poured that feeling into the men's collection in the form of simple, powerful stones and pieces that pair well with denim or worn flannel to create a low-key but unique aesthetic. 

Pieces inspired by Grammy-nominated artists

Music flows through the entire men's collection, but while celebrating the Grammys, I wanted to draw attention to some of our best-selling pieces inspired by Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning artists. 

Pyrite and golden obsidian make up the Zombie Bracelet. The Cranberries released Zombie in 1994 as a protest song. Zombie didn't receive a nod during awards season, but 25 years later, The Cranberries' album In the End was nominated for Best Rock Album of 2019

The Under the Bridge Bracelet combines lapis beads with sterling silver. The Red Hot Chili Peppers' song echoes with feelings of solitary helplessness, a feeling that lapis can combat with its properties of wisdom and the activation of a higher consciousness. "Under the Bridge" was nominated for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1992. The song didn't nab the Grammy, though the Chili Peppers did bring home a Grammy that year for "Give It Away," (another piece in the collection) which won for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal.

The Yellow Ledbetter Necklace and Bracelet are two of Jada Jo's most popular men's pieces, and the song is one of the most popular Pearl Jam tunes, though not originally released on any of their studio albums. Comprised of golden tiger's eye, a stone of luck and good fortune, the Yellow Ledbetter pieces make a perfect gift. Over the years, Pearl Jam has received twelve Grammy nominations, though they've only won once: Best Hard Rock Performance in 1995 for "Spin the Black Circle."

Even non-rock fans recognize the powerful "wall of guitars" tearing through Metallica's "Enter Sandman." The iconic song inspired the Night Time Bracelet, a piece made from deep blackish-blue Falcon's Eye stones that mimic the color of the darkening nighttime sky. Metallica got together as a band in 1981, and over the years they've received eighteen Grammy nominations, with an impressive eight wins spanning from 1989 to 2008.

Jada Jo Jewelry is red carpet ready

In addition to being inspired by a variety of music, I hope I'm not alone in thinking Jada Jo Jewelry could make a red-carpet splash. Grammy fashion tends to be forward- thinking, and our edgy, on-point pieces pair with both high couture and leather jackets. I can see the Black Jewel Druzy Gold Necklace sparkling on a nominated-artist's neck. Maybe one day you'll see one of our pieces on the Grammy stage! 

Are you curious about the pandemic-friendly version of this year's awards' shows? 

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