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Discover the Jada Jo Community

Discover the Jada Jo Community

December 21, 2018

I am Jada Jo

I feel something powerful when I wear certain pieces of jewelry. I love how bracelets, rings, and necklaces connect me to people and places around the world with true meaning. Self-expression fuels my confidence and sense of self and allows me to. Jewelry was how, even in traditional roles in corporate America, I was able to communicate a little bit of myself.

This past year has been stormy. One wave after another forced me to reflect and find moments of stillness in a hectic, deadline-driven life. Through it all, creating helped me find my center. I felt the most like myself when I was making jewelry and connecting the materials I was using to the needs I had in my life.

jada jo jewelry handcrafted jewelry

My jewelry made me feel stronger. Envisioning and crafting my jewelry made me stronger.

The wellness I felt, coupled with my long-standing passion for beautiful pieces, lit an entrepreneurial fire within me. After deep introspection, I left a career in hospitality, a career to which I tirelessly devoted myself for 20 years. I said goodbye to my secure corporate job in pursuit of a new venture where I can share my love for cultures around the world. I yearn to tell the powerful stories of those cultures through jewelry curated with meaningful stones that bring light to those who where them.

You are Jada Jo

How does jewelry make you feel? I believe that stones have active properties that communicate benefits to the wearer. Right now, I’m wearing a lot of labradorite, because I’m drawn to its iridescent blue and green hues. Known to be a magical stone, labradorite makes anything seem possible, a potent reminder to dream large and exceed expectations. My labradorite necklaces and bracelets have become my modern talismans. We all need a few talismans in our lives, pieces that infuse the wearer with positive energy to connect more powerfully with their sense of self and with the world around them.

jada jo jewelry spiritual jewelry

My goal with Jada Jo Handmade Jewelry is to contribute to an accessible feeling of confidence and beauty—pieces that uplift and inspire you simply by wearing them. You are Jada Jo, and it means so much that you’re sharing this journey with me.

We are Jada Jo

Starting with beautiful beaded bracelets, Jada Jo celebrates the inherent interconnectedness of jewelry. Looping around, the bracelets encircle your wrist with no starting point or finish line, just the vibrancy of the beads and message of the charm.

Linking global communities through thoughtful enterprise is vital to me. The beads and stones forming the pieces are sourced from around the world during personal trips. I strive to spread the positive energy of Jada Jo jewelry beyond the wearer. For 2019, Jada Jo will donate a portion of its jewelry sales to Love 146, a non-profit organization working tirelessly to combat human trafficking. We are a community of intention, beauty, and hope. We are Jada Jo.

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