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DIY Jewelry Kits Help You Express Your Creativity

DIY Jewelry Kits Help You Express Your Creativity

June 04, 2020

Earlier this spring, when the COVID-19 crisis began, the world seemed to narrow its attention to work against an unseen virus. As we worked to find a sustainable solution, other events unfolded, like George Floyd's death. Between the pandemic and the nationwide protests over police brutality, I can't be the only one feeling overwhelmed. In times of stress or change, my creativity seems to do one of two things: it plummets or it soars. It might seem like a small thing, but I've learned through the years that if I can do something to aid in my creativity, I can be a better citizen and community member. 

How to foster creativity during stress 

One of the wonderful things about designing and crafting jewelry is the way it requires concentration — and the use of my hands. That means I don't find myself scrolling mindlessly through social media or news sites. I still read and consume news in a deliberate way, while allowing myself space to fully process that information. Staying creative, for me, isn't about ignoring what's happening in the world around me. It helps me in a meditative way some days, giving my hands something to do so my mind can process the information I'm consuming. It helps me determine my next steps.

Introducing the Jada Jo Jewelry DIY Jewelry Kits 

In such precarious times, we are all looking for new creative outlets, and we are thrilled to bring Jada Jo jewelry to your home. New to our line are "Make Your Own Bracelet/Necklace" packs that provide you with the materials to become an at-home artisan. Our DIY jewelry kits include gemstones, precious metal elements, wire, glue, instructions, and everything you need to craft beautiful pieces yourself.

We currently offer four pieces: two bracelets and two necklaces. Turquoise Ocean and Cherry Love feature simple, universal designs and positive, healing gemstones. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones, the talisman of kings and a true protector. Cherry quartz warms the heart chakra, bringing positivity to you during difficult times and reminding you of the good you can bring to the world.  

Our detailed instructions help you piece together the high-quality materials you expect from Jada Jo, while giving you the chance to see jewelry come alive in your own hands. Enjoy making a necklace while another family member makes a matching bracelet. Happy jewelry making!

We are launching with 4 items but would love your feedback about this new offering. What stones or items you would like to see?

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