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Recognizing the season of luck

Recognizing the season of luck

March 17, 2021

With spring on the horizon, I find myself feeling optimistic about the upcoming season. Spring presents a sense of renewal, which is much needed this year. March offers us St. Patrick's Day right on the cusp of spring, and it definitely leads to a lot of conversations and feelings about luck.

Recognizing and creating luck

Like so many aspects of the intangible, luck seems to be something we can manifest if we think about it as a positive force and not simply something we stumble into. Luck can be a matter of listening to your intuition and following your gut. If you're feeling in need of some positive luck from the universe, sometimes sitting in quiet will help you discover the path you're most drawn to.

Sharing your luck with others, whether it's through networking, offering opportunities, or shining a light on something that serves someone else, provides another chance to amplify your own luck. When you stop thinking of luck as something that exists in a vacuum, you will see the exponential ways it finds people. 

Expand your luck with Jada Jo Jewelry

Most of the beautiful green pieces in our collections feature malachite and green agate, stones that can amplify your luck. Spiritually, both stones provide amplification of positive attributes, most notably decision making and generosity. When you are making decisions from a place of both strength and compassion, luck will follow. I've highlighted five of my favorite luck-attracting pieces and hope you find something that speaks to you in one of them. 

The Emerald Love Necklace truly makes a statement. The stunning green onyx is cut in a way that enhances the richness of the color, and the gold pendant complements the green beautifully.

The Explorer Malachite Bracelet feels lucky to me for a few reasons. Crafted from malachite, it deepens your sense of exploration. Personally, it was one of the first pieces designed for the Jada Jo Jewelry collection, and the Nepalese beads remind me of one of my favorite places. Maybe it can become a talisman for you, too.

The Earth Malachite and Lapis Earrings are the only earrings appearing on this round up of lucky pieces. The malachite brings amplified wisdom in decision making. Tangibly, having the earrings close to your head can be a visceral reminder to choose wisely, bolstering your feelings of luck. 

The Thimphu Bracelet invokes the spirit of Bhutan, a city known for its high level of happiness among its citizens. With malachite for amplification of positive qualities and black onyx to overcome negativity, the bracelet offers its wearer a great deal of protection and power.

Ward off negativity with the Evil Eye Agate Bracelet. The pavé diamond eye protects against misfortune, while the agate increases compassion and improves decision making. The Jeweled Hamsa Necklace is not included with the bracelet but can be purchased separately for increased protection.

Celebrate luck this spring

Take a few minutes each day this month to consider which parts of your life feel lucky right now and which parts could use a little more positivity. Focusing on how to translate the luck you're already having to other areas of your life can be an exercise in meditation or manifestation. Don't forget to share your luck with those around you — sharing our wins is a sure way to come across another one. 

Do you have any lucky talismans in your life? 

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