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Exploring Mantras in the Midst of Uncertainty

Exploring Mantras in the Midst of Uncertainty

August 06, 2020

Given the current state of the pandemic and so much global uncertainty, I want to focus on ways to help the Jada Jo community — and myself! — find positive, reaffirming ways to navigate this complicated time. One way to center emotions and well-being is to use a mantra, particularly a single-word mantra, during meditation.

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Why mantra meditation helps during stressful times

Many people I know once shied away from the practice of meditation. In our busy world, it can feel unnatural or even indulgent to practice meditation. However, nothing can be further from the truth! Meditation can be done in small time frames, even as small as one to three minutes, and it truly helps bring focus and calm into your day.

When you take the time to meditate, closing your eyes and simply breathing doesn't always work. My mind races when I do that, and I find myself wanting to open my eyes and rush to my next task. Mantra meditation gives you something on which to focus your attention. Breathing while repeating a single word gives your mind something to do while bringing it in tune with your body. 

How to practice mantra meditation

I'm definitely not a meditation guru, but the wonderful thing about meditating is that it's a practice. You don't need special training to begin, though I've practiced with experienced leaders and do find that to be beneficial as well. Still, you can begin mantra meditation on your own.

Simply find a spot to sit comfortably, a place with as few distractions as possible, and one where you feel safe closing your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, then begin repeating your mantra, either in your mind or aloud. Articulate the mantra fully, focusing on how it sounds and feels. Begin with just a minute or two if you're practicing meditation for the first time. You can extend your practice as you feel more comfortable and focused, or you can continue a short meditation but repeat it several times during the day.

Focus on: Patience

The first mantra I want to focus on is "patience." For many of us, including myself, practicing patience can be difficult during the best of times. I'm used to formulating a plan or getting inspired by an idea and chasing it down with the energy and resources I can harness at the time. I don't love waiting around when I feel compelled to action. 

During this pandemic, I find myself yearning for action. Many of those aforementioned ideas and plans are sitting in a holding pattern — in my brain, in my journals, or in Jada Jo team meetings. With procedures and protocols for social gatherings and businesses changing all the time, I know I'm not the only one feeling impatient about forward movement. 

The positive power of patience

I am taking the month of August to focus on patience. Patience isn't only about waiting. Patience means sitting with an idea and letting it blossom thoroughly before rushing forward. It's a beautiful practice when I take the time to truly focus on it. Patience allows me to deepen my sense of empathy for others and to examine my feelings about ideas and emotions before spontaneously reacting in haste. 

The Bodyguard Bracelet is the perfect piece to help deepen patience through mantra meditation. Amethyst powerfully works to balance mental and emotional states, which is helpful when seeking patience. Often, my impatience is a reaction to feelings heightened emotions about something I can't control.

The bracelet can be used like a mala. You can take a few minutes each day to touch the beads and breathe in and out while repeating patience, either to yourself or aloud. Even if you're not ready to commit to meditation practice, simply wearing the bracelet can be a reminder to take a deep breath and seek to balance your reaction with a little patience. 

Have you tried mantra meditation?

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