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Fall Favorites for Increased Health and Wellness

Fall Favorites for Increased Health and Wellness

October 02, 2019

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” That line from Anne of Green Gables, by LM Montgomery, gets to me every fall. While I live in a place where the seasons aren’t always distinctly marked by weather changes, there’s something about the beginning of fall that feels both fresh and comforting at the same time. 

fall favorites

After the hustle and grind of the summer months, fall offers the opportunity to take a little time to refine my daily routine. My favorite things change all the time, it’s true, but this fall, I’m focusing on health and wellness in an effort to add positive energy and comfort to my routine.

celery juice

Favorite fall drink: Celery juice

It takes some getting used to, but I’ve quickly become a celery juice convert. I drink 16 ounces in the morning before I drink anything else, and then I wait 20 minutes before I eat. Health enthusiasts sing its praises, and I have to agree. I think it’s helping with my digestion, and I feel more energized when I drink it. 

Favorite fall workout: Lagree Pilates

Inspired by traditional Pilates, Lagree Pilates is the hardest group workout I’ve ever done. I find it unique and different, but I love how it focuses on form and intensity instead of impact. I’m getting stronger and more mentally tough, and that’s coming from someone who hiked Mt. Everest!

Favorite fall beauty product: The Infused Lotion by Genaisannce de la Mer

I can’t lie. The price tag on this one hurts a little. But can you really put a price on a miracle worker? This watery lotion, infused with cream, feels divine on your skin. I notice a difference in how my skin feels( nourished, moisturized, supple) and how it looks (smoother, dewier, healthier) when I use The Infused Lotion. A bottle lasts around six months, so that justifies the cost for me, at least a little bit. 

fall favorites

Favorite fall wardrobe must-have: P448 Sneakers

Golden Goose stormed the high-end sneaker world, but I have another favorite brand — P448. While not inexpensive by any means, they’re reasonable in the high-end sneaker game. More importantly, they have killer styles and are super comfortable.  

Favorite fall fashion indulgence: Oversized earrings

While I’m attempting to keep my favorites list focused on wellness items, I can’t ignore the aesthetic trends I’m seeing all over the place. After a few years of delicate jewelry dominating trends, fall is ushering back statement jewelry, with earrings leading the way. Jada Jo is in the planning stages to launch earrings in 2020. Until then, be sure to find a pair of statement earrings for the fall! 

What are your favorites for fall?

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