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Father's Day Gifts for Your Favorite Father Figures

June 17, 2020

Father's Day celebrations look different for everyone. Some dads enjoy a leisurely day at home with their families, which others want to be active — hanging out on a golf course or fishing for their dinner. This year, depending on where you live, Father's Day might look a little different. Even if you're not still sheltering in place, many families are choosing to stay closer to home — and some of their favorite gifts might not be available this year. 

Father's Day gift ideas

Giving the gift of an experience

One of my favorite gifts to give for any holiday is one of an experience. Whether I'm taking someone to a favorite dinner, a concert, or a sporting event, an experience offers so much in the way of making a memory with someone I love. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has gotten in the way of a lot of experience type gifts. Live music, especially in large venues, is at a standstill, which hurts my heart. 

Father's Day gifts

The Jada Jo Jewelry Men's Collection

I miss being able to give the gift of concert tickets to people I care about. Music speaks to us in a way that language alone can't always do, and it allows us to reach across the generational divide to get a glimpse of what moves other people emotionally. I used many of my favorite songs and artists to inspire the Jada Jo Men's Collection, and if we can't see bands in concert, maybe our jewelry will help your favorite dads feel a little closer to music they love. 

Right now, I feel like we could all use a little bit of centering in our lives. The Everything Om Necklace uses agate to ground and fortify your emotions, a fitting stone for a father who is always there for you. The Happy Buddha Sandalwood bracelet would also make a lovely gift. Inspired by my visit to Bali earlier this year, the sandalwood calms the mind and acts as a natural healer of anxiety and depression. I found the sandalwood in a small market in Bali and knew it would be perfect in a simple bracelet adorned with sterling silver.


A special Father's Day piece

If you're looking for something crafted just for Father's Day, consider the Slice of Newport bracelet. Like many of our mens' pieces, the bracelet is anchored with simple beads, this time in black agate. Agate promotes strength. The different colored stones accenting the agate offer different properties. The blue lapis (shown above) promotes thinking and articulation — the perfect way to say "I love you," to your favorite dads. 

Do you prefer to gift the dads and father figures in your life with tangible gifts or experiences?

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