Five Favorite Pieces: Jada Jo Necklaces
Five Favorite Pieces: Jada Jo Necklaces

Five Favorite Pieces: Jada Jo Necklaces

September 21, 2020

When I'm attending events, or even chatting with friends, people will often ask me about my favorite pieces. Favorite feels like a loaded word in those moments. I almost wish I could point to a piece I'm wearing and say something like, "I never take this off!" But that's not how my favorite pieces work! 

Defining my favorite pieces of jewelry

When I think about my favorite pieces, I know I can't select only one or two things I love. I have favorites from different collections with different aesthetics, and pieces I adore because of how I felt when I designed them. Others bring me a sense of confidence or increase my positive emotions when I wear them. Still others just make me happy — something I think we don't value enough right now. I wanted to share some of my all-time favorites with you, starting with my favorite necklaces.


Happiness Necklace

How can you not appreciate a piece called the Happiness Necklace? When I envisioned this necklace, I knew I wanted to invoke Indonesian culture, and the three colors in this necklace symbolize happiness to the Indonesian people. Red ruby encourages passion, the green onyx gives strength, and the yellow jade Buddha helps harness good luck and prosperity. This piece can be worn casually as a long pendant or looped as a double chain for a more dramatic effect.


Tiger's Nest Necklace

The Tiger's Nest is more than a necklace. It's a spiritual destination in Bhutan, one of my favorite countries in the world. Originally, the Tiger's Nest Necklace was designed as a one-of-a-kind piece, but it's such a gorgeous piece, we replicated it to share the love with our Jada Jo community. It powerfully stimulate the root chakra, grounding and stabilizing the wearer. I find its bold design to surround me with an aura of confidence. 


Emerald Onyx Necklace

Some pieces simply become favorites because of their stunning beauty. That's how the Emerald Love Necklace came to be a favorite of mine. Emerald catches the light so beautifully, and paired with gold, this green onyx necklace makes a bold statement. I spoke before about the strength found in green onyx. Along with its ability to increase compassion, I find it to be a powerful stone to wear. The cut and quality of these stones lend to its remarkable beauty. 


Indah Lapis Necklace

The Indah Lapis Necklace literally means "beautiful necklace," from "indah," the Balinese word for beautiful. The lapis lazuli stones catch the eye and look striking with any variety of skin tones or against any fabric. The celestial stone encourages good judgement, wisdom, and truth. I found the simple goddess pendant in Cheluk, Bali, which means this necklace always reminds me of the time I spent in that extraordinary place.

The Magician Necklace

While I truly love each of these pieces, I do find myself returning, always, to the Magician Necklace. Each of the elements work together to craft a powerful, spiritual aura. The iridescent labradorite repels negative energy and attracts mystic properties. Red garnet promotes healing and luck, and the eight-point star symbolizes duality, an important concept in any spiritual or religious belief system. In a time when so much seems uncertain in our world, I surround myself with as much magic and beauty as I can.

Do you have a signature piece of jewelry or prefer to rotate your favorites?

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