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Focus on: Tiger's Eye gemstones

Focus on: Tiger's Eye gemstones

September 05, 2019

Although I shouldn't play favorites with gemstones, as they each have unique properties, both aesthetic and spiritual, one of my favorites has always been Tiger's Eye. A member of the quartz family, the most common type of the stone presents as warm, dynamic bronze. I've always loved how the warmth of the stone allows me to use it as a neutral, while the varied shades lend a sense of mystery to its depths. 

Physical properties of the Tiger's Eye

As I mentioned, the gem is a type of quartz. I'm not alone in thinking it looks its most magnificent when cut en cabochon. A cabochon is a stone that's been shaped and polished to a sheen, as opposed to cut in facets. When polished, the Tiger's Eye reflects light in a shimmery, shifting way, almost as if you're watching light physically dance across the surface. This apparent movement gave the stone its "eye" moniker, as it resembles the eyes of tigers and other animals.

Healing and spiritual properties of the Tiger's Eye gemstones

One of the constants of the gemstone is how drawn people continue to be to it. I notice it when displaying my jewelry or even when I'm wearing it. People's eyes wander to its shimmer or they roll the smooth beads between their fingers. After wearing and working with Tiger's Eye gems, it's not hard to understand the attraction.

A powerful talisman, the stone combines energies from both fire and earth elements, which allows it to both ground and inspire its wearer. The positive energy associated with Tiger's Eye provides stability, but it does so by instilling its wearer with greater confidence and a sense of balanced perspective. 

Types of Tiger's Eye gemstones

So many varietals of Tiger's Eye exist, which is all the better for artisans and those who love and appreciate jewelry. Each version looks beautiful cut en cabochon, with each offering a variation in color. Some of the most common types are:

  • Falcon’s Eye — Presenting in variations of inky blue-black or blue-green, the Falcon's Eye increases sensory gifts and works to ground its wearer during times of chaos. Pressed against the Third Eye chakra, the stone brings greater self-awareness and perspective.
  • Oxtail Eye — A stone in a shade of dark red or mahogany, this variety of the gemstone works as a powerful catalyst during times of turmoil. It unblocks creative energy, bolsters self confidence, and works against negative energy. Some believe it can work as an aphrodisiac. 
  • Cat's Eye — A golden version of the classic Tiger's Eye, the Cat's Eye consists of straight bands of color. Cat's Eye is believed to be especially helpful in children, increasing confidence, instilling a sense of security, and encouraging harmony in group situations.

At various times, I've worked with all of them, though I find myself most drawn to the classic Tiger's Eye and the Falcon's Eye when creating new pieces. I often suggest keeping a Tiger's Eye nearby when attempting new things and chasing down your dreams. 

Shop some of the Jada Jo Tiger's Eye pieces or contact me for a custom design using your favorite variety of the gemstone.

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