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Getting Deep with Black Gemstomes

Getting Deep with Black Gemstomes

January 29, 2020

Styles and trends come and go, especially in jewelry and accessories. However, based on both my own collection and the requests I receive from customers, one look always seems to be having a moment: black gemstone jewelry. People find themselves drawn to black gems for many reasons. Their energy is strong, but truthfully, I think two major factors come into play — and they're both aesthetic.

Black Onyx

Why people gravitate towards black gemstones

Black jewelry can be worn with such a variety of wardrobe pieces, so people sometimes feel more comfortable purchasing stones in a neutral color they'll be able to wear frequently. Side note: I'm a huge proponent of wearing jewelry that fits your mood, even if it doesn't necessarily fit the color scheme of your clothes! The right piece is always one you feel confident wearing. 

There's no denying the style punch black gems pack into a piece. Black gemstones are truly striking. Whether you're pairing them with neutrals or various colors, they bring depth and interest to anything you wear. 

Understanding different black stones

I often get questions about or requests for black jewelry. When working with clients to find the right pieces, I don't only think about the way a piece looks, but I question what sort of energy they're looking to find or channel. Many black stones look alike, but they invoke different energies through their different properties. 

Black Onyx

Why you might want Black Onyx jewelry

A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy. Black Onyx bolsters the wearer in development of both emotional and physical strength. It helps prevent your personal energy from draining, which makes it a helpful stone to wear during times of stress, duress, confusion, or grief. 

Black Onyx from Jada Jo Jewelry: Thimpu Bracelet


The positive force of Tourmaline

Tourmaline offers its wearer many positive spiritual attributes. Stories tell that both shamen and medicine men use tourmaline to help heal. It's considered a receptive stone, which means wearers find it soothing and inwardly calming, as well as magnetic. It promotes meditation, spirituality, wisdom, and mysticism. It makes a beautiful gift for someone attempting to introduce a deeper spirituality to their lives. 

Tourmaline in Jada Jo Jewelry: Creep Bracelet


Bring joy to your life with Spinel

You might not immediately think of black gemstones as bringing a sense of joy, but Spinel will change that perception. Its properties include a sense of hope and revitalization, as well as the powerful feeling of joy resulting from being alive. Spinel comes in other colors as well, which means you can use it to stimulate any chakra. Use the stone to bring fresh energy to all areas of your life — mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Spinel from Jada Jo Jewelry: Malik Necklace

Do you have a favorite black stone?

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