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Gemstones to encourage healing and wellness

Gemstones to encourage healing and wellness

January 07, 2021

Without a doubt, this past year has shown me that peace and healing come from all different places. Meditation and traditional medicine, connection with others and natural remedies all play a role in helping me feel my best. Focusing on only one of those areas leads me to feel imbalanced, and I strive to maximize balance in my life. 

Using gemstones for healing

When I talk about using gemstones for better health and wellness, I would be lying if I said no one has ever rolled their eyes at me. I don't mind that, especially if they're willing to chat about it a little further with me. I do believe they can enhance certain properties and lead to better overall wellness, both physically and mentally. 

Amethyst promotes tranquility

As a healing stone, amethyst balances both your physical and emotional state. With that as its main property, I like to use it when I need more tranquility in my life. The balancing of my emotions allows me to think more clearly and gives space to both positive and negative thoughts and moods

Because it can be used for both physical and emotional well-being, I chose it for the Bodyguard Bracelet. The Chevron amethyst we use for the bracelet offers variations in color and depth, making it a surprisingly complex piece at second glance.  Just this week we custom designed a mala necklace to include amethyst for someone who was going into the hospitality for breast cancer surgery.  It truly is an all around healing stone.

Citrine boosts energy

I have many friends living in places where they feel disheartened by the lack of sunny days, especially during the winter. That lethargy can be countered with an energizing stone like citrine. An overwhelmingly positive stone, citrine can also help you manifest success in your endeavors. 

The Burning Amber Necklace features a combinations of stones and metals that promote positive emotions and energy. The warm colors even bring a sense of sun to its wearer, amplifying the properties of the stones. 

Labradorite purifies and transforms

One of my absolute favorite gemstones, labradorite packs powerful transformative properties into a beautiful, incredibly wearable stone. The luminescent quality adds an aesthetic element to the neutral stone. A stone of transformation, labradorite purifies negative energies and thoughts into something pure and steady, connecting its wearer more strongly to their intuition. Physically, the purification aspect of the gemstone makes it a great healer of respiratory issues, as it clears the lungs. 

I encourage you to look through our many labradorite pieces to find one that strikes you, as it's a stone I believe everyone should have in their collection. The Rose Vibes Skull Bracelet is a limited edition piece combining some of my favorite things, including labradorite. 

Lapis Lazuli cleanses bodies and minds

Throughout history and various cultures, lapis lazuli appears in jewelry of all different styles, price points, and variations. Some prize the bright blue stone for its beauty alone, but its cleansing properties make it a powerful bearer of truth and clarity. 

The Rise and Shine Earrings keep the lapis lazuli close to your head and stimulate the throat chakra. They encourage truth and clear speech, something that feels more urgent than ever at this juncture in time. 

Quartz increases concentration

Sometimes called the master healer, quartz might stand above all other wellness gemstones. It amplifies energy, restoring balance to the body and mind, as well as aiding concentration and memory. Clear quartz, in particular, can absorb and neutralize negative energy as well as amplifying positive energy.

A true statement piece, the Dragon Fire Necklace combines the healing power of quartz with red garnet and a dragon pendant. The pendant comes from Bali, an important place to me and also a place where dragon symbols abound. 

As a new year begins, I take special notice of the jewelry I choose each day. I want the properties of the stones to help balance my health and wellness as I move forward into something new. 

Do you wear different stones or crystals for specific reasons? For health or wellness?

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