Honor Motherhood with the Jada Jo Mother's Day Collection
Honor Motherhood with the Jada Jo Mother's Day Collection

Honor Motherhood with the Jada Jo Mother's Day Collection

May 08, 2019

Mother’s Day occurs mid May, when flowers bloom and the days linger longer into the evening. We celebrate moms that day, but more than that, we celebrate the relationships entwined in motherhood: those of parents and children, caretakers and those who appreciate their care.

Those relationships nurture us in countless ways, and truthfully, one day doesn’t seem like enough to celebrate the amazing women wearing the title of “mother,” whether the title is literal or bestowed upon someone offering--and teaching--unconditional love and support to those around them.

honoring motherhood

The lasting power of a mother’s love

Like many children, my relationship with my own mother went through twists and turns of absolute love and complete misunderstanding. When I was younger I thought I was adopted. I was taller than everyone in my family and at times felt like a black sheep. I never said anything until the day my mom was driving me to college. I finally asked her if I was adopted, and she was so taken back. I told her I had never seen a picture of her pregnant.

A week later, I opened my mail to find a picture of mom dated July 1975, a few months before my October 1975 birthday. When we spoke later that day, I thanked her for the picture but admitted I was confused by the headshot of my mom. She said, “You don’t think I would let someone take a picture of my big belly!” The story makes me laugh even now. She always took pride in her appearance.

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How my mother’s personality and passion influence my designs

My creativity stemmed from her as she was a seamstress, chef, artist, and talented in many arts and crafts. If life awarded black belts for shopping, my mother could compete with the best in the world. 

In particular, I learned the art of appreciating jewelry design from her. With an eye for the unique and aesthetically pleasing, my mom would spend countless hours wandering local markets for artisan-crafted pieces during our family’s travels. Even at a very young age, I loved perusing hand-crafted pieces at her side. One specific thing we both like when it comes to jewelry is big, chunky stone necklaces.  At the time there was a “Mommy” version and a “Jada” version, which was much smaller in scope and price!

mother's day collection

The Jada Jo Mother’s Day Collection honors mothers

With three distinct pieces, the Jada Jo Mother’s Day collection celebrates the loving power of motherhood. The bracelet and necklace feature rose quartz, a gem that radiates love. The feather detail symbolizes good luck to the wearer, making the pieces powerful talismans of love, protection, and good fortune.

Amor de Madre

Honor unconditional love with the limited edition Amor de Madre necklace. The delicate gold links surround red garnet, a stone of safety and security that encourages gratitude and compassion. The grounding agate gemstone is for the root chakra, our source of development and strength, perfect for exemplifying all that a mother does.

In addition to its versatile beauty, with each purchase of the Mother’s Love necklace, $100 will be donated to Love 146. The powerful non-profit helps recover, rehabilitate, and love children who have been put into sex trafficking. The $100 will provide one to two months of living expenses and give a child a semester of schooling and supplies.

To all the mothers and those who take a motherly caretaker role, I am sending love and gratitude to each of you.  Happy Mother's Day.    

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day with the important mother figures in your life?

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