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Honoring Earth Day

Honoring Earth Day

April 16, 2020

Each year, I look forward to celebrating Earth Day. Honoring the planet that offers us so much life and beauty feels natural to me. It ties in so closely to my interest in furthering clean water availability for all people. Also, without the Earth's offerings of gemstones, I don't know if I would have ever turned toward jewelry design, which has been such a blessing in my life. 

Earth Day

This Earth Day, more than ever, I've been reflecting on ways I can honor the natural world around me. I know right now, with the shelter at home order in place, people may feel overwhelmed, anxious, or uncertain about many things. I wanted to offer a few suggestions that don't take much time — or money — to celebrate Earth Day. 

Pick up trash while hiking or walking

One of the things we can do while at home is go outside for solo exercise. Walking each day helps me regroup and recenter my thoughts. I'm always a little surprised at the litter I see on my walks, whether I'm in a neighborhood or on hiking trails. Taking along a small bag and picking up litter is one small thing that can make a difference to our environment. (Reminder! Always protect yourself when picking up trash, especially now. Wear gloves or wash your hands immediately — and don't touch your face!)

Take your plastics elimination up a notch

By now we know how crucial it is to use our own bags instead of expecting stores to package our purchases in plastic. Once that became second nature, I started exploring other types of plastic I could eliminate. I love having bamboo straws in my home. They eliminate the need for plastic straws without making people feel like they can't use a straw. If you like to experiment with different beauty products, you might want to try a shampoo bar. After all, hair products take up a lot of plastic!

Plant something

One thing that truly makes a difference in our environment is planting. You don't need to be a major gardener to make a difference. Plants help clean the air, so find even a small plant you can nurture, and make it your own. Whether you're working with a home garden plot or a centerpiece crafted from succulents, plants are one living, constant way to honor the Earth.

How will you celebrate Earth Day this year?

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