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How to Wear the Latest Trends in Men's Jewelry

How to Wear the Latest Trends in Men's Jewelry

June 07, 2019

Men's jewelry used to be limited to watches and signifier rings, like class rings or wedding rings. I started noticing a shift in what men were wearing in the 90s, when I fell hard for all things grunge. I rocked out to the music and couldn't take my eyes off the musicians—flannel, Dr. Martens, and jewelry that refused to fade into the background. When I designed my men's collection, I drew inspiration from that time. 

Think about your lifestyle

For many people, embracing the latest trends in men's jewelry means stepping out of their comfort zone. Asking yourself a few questions can help figure out what pieces speak to you most strongly.

For example, if you work in a conservative field, you might start with beaded bracelets in muted colors when incorporating jewelry into your workplace attire. Someone in a creative field can get away with bolder pieces. Of course, in your free time, you can experiment with pieces that catch your eye and find what works for you. 

Begin with bracelets

Starting with bracelets makes the most sense if you're beginning to wear jewelry regularly for the first time. Many men wear—or have worn—a watch, so the sensation of having someone around their wrist isn't a new one.

If you're unsure where to begin, try the Silver Pyrite and Obsidian Bracelet. Inspired by "Zombie," a song by The Cranberries, the bracelet's obsidian gives the wearer strength to move past discomfort and try something new.

If your taste leans towards the rock aesthetic, the Men's Chain Bracelet is the bracelet you never knew you needed. The single rope bracelet makes a statement with its industrial profile. You won't want to miss the story behind the bracelet, particularly if you're an Alice in Chains fan. 

Encircle yourself with a powerful necklace

Once you're comfortable with a bracelet or two, or if you're planning to start with a more definitive statement, try a necklace comprised of powerful stones.

The Obsidian Buddha Necklace uses obsidian to help its wearer overcome obstacles getting in the way of new things. The Buddha charm works as a talisman for peace of mind. 

Another Onyx Buddha necklace, "How" is a true statement piece for a man.  It is adorned with deep red and blue Jade and accented with 14K gold.  Onyx is the perfect to give someone courage to move on.

Keep experimenting

Wearing jewelry, like so many habitual changes, takes some getting used to.  Trial, error, and a little bit of time will lead you to the pieces that feel most like a part of you—both who you are now and the whisper of that grunge rocker you always knew you could be.

What would you like to see added to our men's jewelry line? Are you looking for a specific piece or a certain style? 

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