Introducing Earrings from Jada Jo Jewelry
Introducing Earrings from Jada Jo Jewelry

Introducing Earrings from Jada Jo Jewelry

May 28, 2020

When I envisioned Jada Jo Jewelry, I knew community input would be an important part of what I wanted to build. After all, one of the things I seek in my daily life is true connection — including connection with people, nature, and the global community. As I chatted with friends and clients throughout 2019, a similar request became impossible to ignore. The Jada Jo community wanted earrings! 

Introducing earrings from Jada Jo

Our design team had many discussions about how to incorporate earrings into our collection, and I am so pleased with what we put together over the last several months. Our earrings have been designed to complement both new and existing pieces. That means you can fall in love with something that works with a piece you've already purchased or find something entirely new. Our earrings are set in 14K gold, sterling silver, and rose gold, and we worked diligently to make sure there's a pair for everyone — from delicate opals to bold lapis chandelier earrings.

Choosing the right Jada Jo earrings for you

From neutral stones to pops of color, linked chains to bold gemstones, Jada Jo earrings offer something for everyone. I hope it's tempting to scoop up more than one pair, but I do have a little bit of guidance if you're unsure where to start with our earrings. I generally try to find out if a client is looking for a piece to complement existing pieces, to harness the positive power of specific gemstones, or simply looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that makes them smile. 

If you're looking for the impact of a stone's energy, the more frequently you wear your gemstone jewelry, the better the energy return will be. In that case, you might want to consider a piece like the Brillance Earrings. Crafted with rose gold and smokey quartz, the earrings are delicate and neutral enough to wear daily, offering the maximum benefit from the quartz — a powerful detoxifier that repels negative energy. 

If you're looking for a pop of color, choose one that makes you happy. The Yellow Fire earrings are crafted with Balinese beads and yellow agate. Agate balances yin and yang, which can restore calm. And if you find yourself needing more of the bright color in your accessory wardrobe, you can find it in the coordinating Yellow Fire necklace or Yellow Fire Bracelet

Why I love wearing dramatic earrings

Based on conversations I've had during the last few months, I knew it would be important to include delicate, neutral earrings in our collection. Many of you appreciate jewelry you can wear daily, with all different types of clothes and in all different situations. I do, though, want to make a case for bold, dramatic earrings, like the lapis or ruby chandeliers! 

If you typically wear smaller, less dramatic earrings, it can feel a little strange to put on a pair of chandeliers for the first time. When you glance in the mirror before leaving the house, your eye is drawn to them. When you speak passionately, you might feel them move with your gestures.

It can be daunting to know other people's eyes may be on your earrings, and I've felt like that, too. Now, I embrace that, and I draw confidence from them. I like that they draw attention, and that they frame my face when I'm talking about something that matters to me. Your voice matters, and a pair of bold earrings might give you a little outer confidence to make sure you're not afraid to use it. 

Our design team worked tirelessly to bring this new facet of Jada Jo Jewelry to life, and we hope you find something perfect in our earring collection!  

Do you frequently change your earrings or search for a signature pair? 

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