Introducing Jada Jo Jewelry

Inspiring pieces, crafted with intention

Infused with deep, cosmic meaning since the dawn of ancient cultures, jewelry serves as a source of power, tool of alchemy, means of protection and personal touchtone. Jewelry presents the opportunity for increased self-awareness and wellness. Beyond artistry and self-expression, every piece has a unique story to tell, one forged in its metal and set in it stones!

Jada Jo Jackson: Storyteller

An avid traveler and keen collector from a young age, Jada Jo has ventured to over 60 countries, immersing herself in exotic locales, uncovering rare treasures and bringing awareness to underdeveloped communities. After several years of crafting handmade jewelry as a hobby, Jada Jo’s wanderlust and profound connection to jewelry inspired her to leave behind corporate life to follow her soul, free her creativity and pursue her passion. 

Jada Jo Jewelry emerged from four cultural pillars

Diverse in influence and appearance, every piece of Jada Jo Jewelry finds its roots in four pillars with deep cultural value and personal meaning: Handmade, Cultural Representation, Gemstones and Giving Back. Together they form the foundation of Jada Jo Jewelry and the philosophy behind its creation.

Jada Jo jewelry four pillarsHandmade

Artisan-inspired pieces, made by hand and personally curated by Jada Jo.

Cultural Representation

Jewelry that draws on the unmistakable spirit of a specific destination or culture, recognizing ethnic design styles and techniques, while paying homage to their rich histories.


Styles set with authentic gemstones or crystals for powerful energetic benefits focused on different chakras in the body.

Giving Back

Pieces benefit a fully-vetted nonprofit focused on helping mankind

Join the Jada Jo Journey

In the spirit of celebrating human connection, join us as we embark on this exciting journey togetherCome along as we explore the world, discover its unseen places, share its unheard stories and unite to create something brave, new and beautiful crafted through the generosity of the human spirit.