Experience To the Moon with Jada Jo Jewelry
Experience To the Moon with Jada Jo Jewelry

Experience To the Moon with Jada Jo Jewelry

May 18, 2020

No matter where you are in your life, new beginnings await around every corner. Each time I think I've made a decision, a new facet of my decision arises — and I embrace those changes. I recently wrote about my mother joining Jada Jo, which is a new type of beginning, for the community and for our personal relationship. My trip to Bali marked a new beginning for me in the way I approach design, craftsmanship, and exploration of the world around me. 

Introducing To the Moon from Jada Jo Jewelry

Celebrating new beginnings offers us a chance to take what's happening around us, negative or positive, and turn it into a space for growth and beauty. With this in mind, I'm honored to introduce our To the Moon Collection to the Jada Jo community.

The magical collection builds from a foundation of a variety of moonstones that help inspire and ignite one's intuition. From the delicate, everyday To the Moon and Back earrings, to Moonshine, a statement necklace designed around a gorgeous pendant, there's something for every jewelry wearer in our newest collection.

Why moonstones took center stage in our new collection

Whether you're undertaking a new adventure or looking to make a change on a personal level, moonstones offer properties to help your new beginning flourish. The opaque stones harness the milky beauty of the moon — and offer the wearer some of the moon's mystical strength. The To the Moon Collection contains pieces designed around a variety of moonstones, from pure, pearlescent white to warm peach to deeper brown and black stones. 

Unlike some gemstones, whose properties enhance personal relationships, moonstones give strength to new beginnings in both the emotional and professional spheres of your life. They draw positive energy, provide inspiration, and enhance your intuition, which allows the wearer to trust her gut when choosing her next steps. 

Using labradorite to solidify new beginnings

I considered many stones when thinking about what I wanted to pair with moonstones. You'll find some pieces that include brilliant diamonds for their undeniable beauty and shine, which look even more lovely with the opaque, white moonstone. Still, I wanted another gemstone to enhance both the aesthetic and spiritual properties of the moonstones. I kept returning to labradorite. 

For the To the Moon collection, I focused on labradorite stones leaning towards greenish and grayish hues. We felt those stones paired well with our moonstones, giving the pieces a beautiful depth of color while allowing them to act as neutral accessories. Labradorite's properties make it a perfect complement for moonstones. A powerful protector, labradorite also repels negative energies, making it a natural fit for pieces signifying new beginnings and fresh starts. 

The To the Moon Collection combines simplicity and delicate opulence, so when you add a piece to your personal collection, you can benefit from its properties no matter what you're wearing. I hope you find the To the Moon Collection as compelling to wear as we did to design. 

Which piece in the collection can you see yourself wearing? 

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