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Jewelry Sizing Chart and Style Guide

Jewelry Sizing Chart and Style Guide

February 28, 2020

Jewelry doesn't come with a fitting room. People know their shoe, shirt, and pant sizes but most people are not familiar with their wrist size. In the past, impulse buys left me with beautiful jewelry that sits at home because it doesn't fit the way I want it to.

You might not think the sizing of necklaces and bracelets matters too much, but it affects how a piece looks on your body — and how it feels. The size of one’s wrist is not correlated with their height or figure but attributed to their bone size.

bracelet sizing

Measuring for jewelry sizing

Getting the right measurement gives you a place to start for correct jewelry sizing. I recommend using a flexible tailor's measuring tape. A regular measuring tape won't have the necessary flexibility, and trying to use a string and then measure with a ruler or yardstick leaves too much room for error. If you don't have a tailor's tape, we have a downloadable measuring tape you can print and use!

sizing for bracelets

Sizing for bracelets

Once you've done your measuring, you can decide which size will work best for you. When determining the size of bracelet you want you want to consider if you like it to be fitted or somewhat loose. Think about your favorite bracelets and why you like the way they fit. It makes a difference!

The average, measured size for women is 6 ¾ inch, while the average size for men is 7.5 inch. Despite those averages, I discovered something interesting when talking with clients — another reason I love getting out and meeting Jada Jo community members! I found that men will often order a 7.5” or smaller as they prefer a tighter fit. When women are purchasing bracelets with larger beads and pendants, they often prefer a bracelet with a larger fit, between 7” and 7.5”.

necklace sizing

Sizing for necklaces

Necklace sizing is all about how you want the necklace to look! Pull out your trusted measuring tape again and measure your favorite necklace from clasp to clap. You can then compare it with our chart that shows how different lengths generally fit. 

Don't be afraid to ask for custom sizing

If you have additional sizing questions after reading through our sizing and style guide, please contact me! Jada Jo customizes, and we are delighted to make the ideal fit for each person. After all, you won't wear your jewelry if it doesn't feel right on your frame, and we don't want your favorite pieces just sitting in your closet! 

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