Join Jada Jo Jewelry in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
Join Jada Jo Jewelry in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Join Jada Jo Jewelry in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

January 13, 2020

Fighting against human trafficking takes effort from a variety of sources, every day. Organizations like Love 146 dedicate themselves to working to end human trafficking — and also to help people putting their lives back together after suffering from this terrible practice. 

human trafficking prevention month

Understanding how human trafficking effects your city or town

During different news cycles, it might feel like you're hearing about more human trafficking situations taking place in areas with which you're familiar. You might hear about it in relation to bigger cities or cities close to state or international borders. We learned from some of Love 146's educational materials that certain cities aren't necessarily hubs for human trafficking. The most common factor when looking for large instances of trafficking is a large amount of people. Human trafficking occurs wherever there are large amounts of people.

Statistics to consider during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Though I find the thought of human trafficking awful at all times of the year, during January, I dive into statistics that truly drive home how many people are victimized each year. The numbers I can't get out of my head this year are:

  • Currently, an estimated 40.3 million people are being victimized in situations of trafficking and exploitation worldwide. 
  • 25% of those victims are children.

How to help the victims of human trafficking

As much as we might not like to think about money in relation to human rights issues, money is a crucial part of prevention, advocacy, and the work done to help survivors put their lives back together. Jada Jo Jewelry created a special piece to raise additional funds for Love 146 in the month of January which is National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention month.

Blue Stance Bracelet

The Blue Stance Bracelets combines turquoise-dyed Tiger's Eye and Golden Obsidian. The turquoise Tiger's Eye offers intense grounding properties for its wearer, while Golden Obsidian offers protection. The combination provides a reminder that we can work against negative forces, especially for those who need additional protection. Designed to be worn together, the bracelets come in a set of two, and 50% of the gross proceeds will be donated to Love 146.

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